What can you do as a medical student during COVID-19?

What can you do as a medical student during COVID-19?

Published: 25 March 2020

These are unprecedented times for society, the Becoming a Dr (BAD) team are aware there is a lot of uncertainty around the state of medical education, particularly for students. As an evolving outbreak, COVID-19 has led to the end of face to face medical education as we know it. Recent weeks have seen medical students being asked to avoid clinical placements with university buildings closed for all except critical research.

We have been contacted by a number of students who are unsure what their role is in the current outbreak. Led by a a team of medical students and junior doctors we are keen to support all medical students during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have previously published updates from the General Medical Council (GMC), Medical Schools Council (MSC), Health Education England (HEE) and the British Medical Association (BMA). With the pace of change so rapid, we are now coming together with medical students, trainees and health leaders to run a national twitter chat #MedStudentCovid #BecomingaDr to support medical students at this crucial time.

We realise that there is a huge spectrum of skills across medical students from years 1 to 5. Many of you will be wanting to contribute to clinical work ‘on the frontline’, others may be interested in contributing in other ways. We know some of you will be supporting yourselves, your families and friends too at this important time. Indeed there is no ‘right’ way and we encourage all students to avoid being pressured to contribute in a way they do not feel comfortable. With many students now off for the foreseeable future we will also share collaborative projects that will enhance your skills in medical education, research, leadership and technology in collaboration with national organisations, academics and health leaders.

During the first national twitter chat we will explore what students are doing across the UK, discuss updated guidance from key organisations as well as share potential ways to contribute during the current outbreak in clinical and non-clinical roles. 

We want you to know that as medical students you are an integral part of the healthcare community and we are determined to support you to continue making an important impact on patient care and your own professional development. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like support, have a question or would like to contribute in any way: outreach@becomingadr.org

National Twitter Chat: What can you do as a medical student during COVID-19?

Date: Sunday 29th March 2020
Time: 18 00 GMT 
Twitter Handle: @BecomingaDr
Hashtags: #MedStudentCovid and #BecomingaDr

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Elliot is a St George’s graduate currently working as an F1 Doctor in East London. As the first in his family to apply to university, Elliot is well aware of the barriers that can be faced in trying to get to medical school. He is passionate about widening access to medicine for underrepresented groups.
 He was the representative for St George’s on the BMA Medical Students Committee, and has done lots of work with local schools and colleges to raise awareness of medicine as a career, as well as working on admissions policies with the widening participation team St George’s. Elliot is part of the @BecomingaDr outreach team and National Health Careers Conference Team.