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Kate is a well regarded national figure in medical education; she is passionate about NHS workforce development through experiential learning. She is a qualified medic, trained as a surgeon and works clinically as an Urologist in Greater Manchester. Kate superseded her work as a Foundation Programme Director to become Head of School for the Physician Associates across the North-West.

She is a Leader of Healthcare Improvement Fellow at Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA) and has worked on a number of innovative projects advancing training for postgraduate medicine specifically the Longitudinal Integrated Foundation Training Programme (LIFT), Community Educational and Clinical Supervisor Training and she is Co-Director of the MSc (Medical Education) at Manchester University. She is a trained coach, qualified in leadership and medical education and continues her studies at Harvard Business School. Kate is an important advisor and ambassador @BecomingaDr and the National Health Careers Conference.


Raj is a the founder of @BecomingaDr and the National Health Careers Conference. He was a representative on the National Health Service (NHS) Medical Careers Steering Group from 2014 – 2016 and co-authored a book for prospective medical students with his peers. He was awarded the Sir John Ellis Prize, a national award from the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) for his work on the design of a new medical curriculum at King’s College London. This work was invited for presentation and received a distinction at Stanford University, USA.

His interests include innovation, widening participation, medical education, patient safety, global health, digital health and leadership. Raj was awarded a Telluride Scholarship in 2015 to attend the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety (USA) and is also a faculty member on Barts X Medicine, the UK’s first digital health module for medical students at Queen Mary University of London. He completed his MBA project with Health Education England on the impact of global learning on medical student competencies, this work has been presented at the Medical Schools Council and the Royal Society of Medicine. He has been appointed Honorary Research Fellow, Global Health at Health Education England and Clinical Entrepreneur fellow at NHS England since 2017.

He was recently recognised with the national New Leader’s award 2019 by the Association for the Study of Medical Education and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Champions Award 2019 for work which included the establishment of the @BecomingaDr widening participation programme and the National Health Careers Conference.


Kristen is an Academic Foundation Year 2 Doctor in the North East of England, he graduated from Lancaster Medical School and undertook a Masters of Research in Medical Sciences at Newcastle University. His interests include rheumatology and medical education.

He was awarded a Clegg Scholarship at the Student British Medical Journal and British Student of the Year Award. Kristen is responsible for the @becomingadr medical student projects and recruitment of Ambassadors at each university as the Medical Student Lead @becomingadr. He is also part of the National Health Careers Conference Team.


Hi I’m Gursh and I’m currently a first year graduate entry medical student at Warwick Medical School. Graduating from Barts and the London this year, I studied Global Health at undergraduate level. As a result of this, I am passionate about healthcare and health policy, as well as international governance of global health. My interests include access to healthcare, migrant health, social justice and climate change.


Cameron is a Foundation Year 1 Doctor in the Oxford Foundation School. He studied pre-clinical medicine at Churchill College, Cambridge and then studied clinical medicine at Imperial College London.

He has strong interests in widening access, innovation and in sport. Cameron recently presented our work at the annual TASME (Trainees in the Association for the Study of Medical Education) conference.

Cameron is involved with supporting outreach projects @BecomingaDr and the National Health Careers Conference.


Johnathan, also known as Johno, is a penultimate year medical student with a BSc (Hons) in Global Health from St George’s University of London. He is passionate about surgery, medical education, health policy, innovation, quality improvement and leadership. He has presented internationally and been published.

At St George’s, he has served as Medical Representative for four years, where he worked with students and staff to restructure the undergraduate curriculum and improve the availability of mental health services. He is also an executive committee member for St George’s Surgical Society, and has worked with companies to gain over £15,000 in sponsorships to organise and lead national and international surgical simulation conferences. He organises and delivers educational lectures, mock exams and clinical skills events for students at St George’s, and holds an Anatomy Demonstrator post with the university.

Johnathan is a student council member for the Royal Society of Medicine and ambassador for the Association of Surgeons in Training. He enjoys mentoring students, advocating for his cohort, and working to improve patient outcomes. In his spare time, he enjoys snow and water sports, exploring food cultures, and gaming.


Sunny has over five years experience in producing events and advising private, corporate and charitable sector organisations in event management. He has a strong international reaching portfolio, Sunny is  highly creative, motivated and has a strong academic base with a Masters and BA Honours degree in Accounting and Finance.

He founded the Explosive Group and this work has led the company to perform at events across the UK and worldwide including Dubai, Europe & India. Previous clients include global TV networks, healthcare organisations, leading food & automotive brands, London 2012 and international sporting arenas across the UK. His company has produced corporate events for small and large organisations in a range of sectors. Sunny is the Conference and Events Consultant @becomingadr and Event Director at the National Health Careers Conference.


Dan is currently a final year medical student at Imperial, and will be working at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, as an Academic Foundation Doctor. He is helping lead medical education projects at @BecomingaDr.

He is passionate about medical education and leadership, organising and delivering lecture series, mentoring schemes and mock exams for Imperial’s Medical Education Society. He is also heavily involved in helping students applying to medical school, regularly speaking at national and international events on medical applications, entrance tests and interviews.

Last year he was a Scholar at The Healthcare Leadership Academy, using the lessons he set up a  Teaching Academy, with the purpose of training those passionate about medical education to become future leaders and educators. In his spare time he enjoy travelling, exploring London and visiting galleries.


My name is Meghna and I’m currently a fourth-year medical student at the University of Liverpool with a keen interest in global health and medical education. At university, I am involved in the peer medics society and work to organise teaching sessions for fellow students. Through being part of the becoming a doctor team, I hope to help widen participation in medicine and be a part of the National Health Careers Conference team.

During my time at sixth form I helped set up a medical society run by students for students. This was aimed at students in years 12 and 13 who wanted to explore their interest in medicine with other like-minded students, we were able to discuss everything from topical issues in medical ethics to the medical school application process itself. I hope to share my experience and help other students be a part of such a society through our outreach programme and creating resources for tool kits.


Matt is based at the Cabinet office. He held the role of editor of the Student BMJ since 2014 and was responsible for its content and product development across digital, print and live formats. His interests are patient centred healthcare, digital medical education and user experience research.

Previously, he worked in product development roles at BMJ as an editorial intern for The BMJ. Between 2012 – 2014, he led BMJ’s involvement in a European Commission funded project called Tell Me, which provided guidance for governments on how best to communicate risk to the public during pandemics. He graduated with MA in Publishing from the London College of Communication in 2010. Matt is an Advisor @becomingadr


Ben is a 4th year medical student at King’s College London. He holds a first class BSc (Hons) degree after previously intercalating in Regenerative Medicine and Innovative Technology at King’s College London.

His interests include pre-hospital emergency medicine, medical education and medical logistics. He has a background in transport management and emergency first responding both of which he was heavily involved in prior to commencing studies as a medical student. He is passionate about expanding medical knowledge and increasing the prevalence of good quality, reliable information for members of the public.


Sandeep is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist leading young people’s eating disorder services and Director of clinical networks at North West Boroughs NHS Foundation Trust. She is a professional media expert for the charity BEAT, Royal College of Psychiatrists and regular contributor to a range of newspapers and magazines. She mentors and coaches doctors and supports the diversity in leadership agenda nationally.

She was appointed Strategic Clinical Network lead for Greater Manchester Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (NHS  England, 2014) and part of the ministerial task- force (Future in Mind, 2015). Sandeep is an Advisor @becomingadr


Ehsaan is a final year medical student at Imperial College with an intercerlated BSc in Medical Sciences with Humanities, Philosophy, and Law.

He is passionate about widening participation to higher education, having worked as an Imperial College Outreach mentor for the past 5 years, running workshops and working on summer schools. At university he has been involved in organising and delivering teaching, ranging from small group tutorials, to organising mock exams for 300 students.

His passions include film and comic books, as well as engaging his creative side through graphic design or backstage work for plays and musicals.

Tanya Ta

Tanya Ta is Academic Foundation Doctor at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. She was awarded a distinction for her Masters in Clinical Research degree in ENT. Her research focuses on ENT and medical education. Tanya co-leads Project Cutting Edge, an organisation helping aspiring surgeons build happy and successful careers in a sustainable manner. Tanya is an active member of the Rhinology and ENT Research Group at Norwich Medical School. She has published several articles in her research fields. She has several awards including: the Wolfson Foundation intercalated degree award, the Royal College of Surgeons Intercalated Bachelor of Science Degree in Surgery Award, the JASME Student Innovation Prize 2019, the runner-up award for the Zeshan Qureshi Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education 2017, the Ed and Ravenscroft Academic Award for Excellence 2019 and multiple presentation prizes. Tanya is co-leading the Academic Foundation Programme and Careers/Portfolio project at BecomingaDr.


I’m Amy, I’ve just finished my second year of Medicine at the University of Oxford and I’m from Manchester. I’m currently undertaking a research project in Oxford’s Psychology Department looking at working memory in infants as part of my intercalated BA degree. I really enjoy volunteering and outreach work both at home and university; I was lucky to receive a lot of help from my sixth form with my medical school application, so I’d like to be able to share my experiences and knowledge to help other people to apply.

I also want to challenge some of the stereotypes that surround studying medicine, especially at Oxford, to show it’s not the intimidating and impossibly difficult experience that it’s sometimes portrayed as!


Connor is a medical student at King’s College, London. He is currently intercalating in Imaging Sciences at King’s. His interests include widening participation, innovation and medical technology. He is keen to pursue a career in surgery, and runs a blog for current and prospective medical students promoting access to medical education and demystifying life as a medical student.


Anthony is a GP trainee in North West London. He is currently one of the National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellows, working at NHS Digital on projects in interoperability and integrating community pharmacy services across care settings.

He is a passionate advocate for equality and diversity and works as Health Adviser to PinkNews, the world’s most read LGBT+ media publisher. He has advised on LGBT+ policy across a range of organisations and is a vocal campaigner for LGBT+ rights. As one of the co-leads for TEDxNHS, Anthony works with a team of volunteers to provide a platform to the untold extraordinary stories of NHS patients and staff.

Anthony says, “Medicine remains a truly unique career, full of opportunities to improve the quality of care delivered to patients through a number of different avenues. With the digital revolution finally starting to transform the world of healthcare, medicine will become an even more exciting profession than ever before.” Anthony is an Ambassador @BecomingaDr


Declan is an Academic Foundation Doctor in the North East of England. He graduated from Norwich Medical School, University East Anglia and intercalated in a Masters in Research of Medical and Molecular Bioscience at Newcastle University. He has a keen interest in academia particularly in plastic surgery, ENT surgery and Ophthalmology.

In addition, Declan has a great passion to inspire, enthuse and assist students from under-represented backgrounds to strive towards a career in medicine and health sciences. Hence, he has established a student-led Widening Participation to medicine scheme at his medical school and was the 2017 Student BMJ Clegg Scholar in Widening Participation in Medicine.  Declan is part of the @BecomingaDr team and has been developing resources for Interview preparation.


Elliot is a St George’s graduate currently working as an F1 Doctor in East London. As the first in his family to apply to university, Elliot is well aware of the barriers that can be faced in trying to get to medical school. He is passionate about widening access to medicine for underrepresented groups.
 He was the representative for St George’s on the BMA Medical Students Committee, and has done lots of work with local schools and colleges to raise awareness of medicine as a career, as well as working on admissions policies with the widening participation team St George’s. Elliot is part of the @BecomingaDr outreach team and National Health Careers Conference Team.


Sukrit has a keen interest in surgery, he read Medicine at King’s College London and completed the foundation programme in London. He completed his medical elective at Johns Hopkins in the USA. Sukrit was President of King’s College London Surgical Society, Lead for a national and global surgical research collaborative as well as bring a student Ambassador for the University. Sukrit is dedicated to supporting aspiring medical students and is an enthusiastic mentor. He is part of the outreach team as well as the National Health Careers Conference Team.


Abbie recently graduated with a degree in Neuroscience from UCLan and is now in her first year of graduate entry medicine at Warwick Medical School. She is keen to pursue a career in neurosurgery and is interested in the use of AI in medicine and STEM outreach.

Outside of the world of medicine, Abbie is a Sherlock Holmes fanatic and runs a blog documenting life in Med School.


Guleed is currently an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Neurology at the University of Liverpool and the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust. He did his undergraduate medical training at King’s College London, graduating with a distinction in his MBBS and a 1st Class intercalated BSc in Philosophy. During his time at medical school he completed a neurology clerkship as a visiting medical student at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, supported by a Royal College of Physicians London elective award and a KCL Lightfoot Scholarship.

 After graduation, he went on to secure a position as an academic foundation doctor in neurology working with Prof. Tom Solomon’s Liverpool Brain Infections Group. Guleed is passionate about medical education and is an honorary clinical tutor at the University of Liverpool School of Medicine, he is completing an MSc in Medical Education awarded jointly by the Royal College of Physicians London and University College London. He is currently applying for a clinical PhD fellowship to continue his progression as an academic neurologist and looks forward to sharing his experiences with the next generation of prospective medical students. Guleed is an Ambassador @BecomingaDr


Ramara is a Junior Doctor who is about to start GP training. As the only medic in her family, Ramara felt that she understood some of the potential difficulties faced by aspiring medics who have limited prior knowledge or experience of a career in medicine, and no personal links to any doctors to seek advice. As a result she’s passionate about helping others on their journey to medicine and widening participation in medicine.
She has also been working with the Royal College of GPs and with Health Education England to support aspiring GPs – see link here. Aside from using her enthusiasm to inspire others, Ramara’s interests also include medical education, preventative medicine and public health.


Ollie has just completed an undergraduate degree in Cellular & Molecular Biology at Newcastle University and will undertake an accelerated medical programme at the University of Warwick. He is a keen guitarist and music lover, and writes on an array of topics including science and technology.

He keeps a daily blog of medical school life and wants to help other graduates make their way successfully to medical school. Ollie is the Graduate Entry Student Representative @becomingadr.


Matt is an Intensive Care Doctor, Scientist, Computer Programmer, Teacher and Geek interested in machine learning, medical education and public engagement. He undertook his PhD in Artificial Intelligence and has been part of major BMJ educational technology projects. He is Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine & Head of Research and Development at the Cardiff University School of Medicine. Matt is an Advisor @becomingadr


Hiya! I’m Gloria, a Danish-born Nigerian and a final-year medic at Nottingham. I’m really interested in psychiatry and neurology, and in developing a career that allows me to engage with all my passions. As an interviewer for the Student Doctor Network, I get to talk to physicians and surgeons who have crafted amazing portfolio careers for themselves. In my spare time, I read a lot, jog sometimes, and I (think I can) write poems.


Vinay is a medical student at the University of Bristol, currently intercalating in Medical Humanities (BA). This involves studying the History and Philosophy of Medicine, as well as exploring medical themes in English Literature. He is also interested in research and health policy.

Vinay says ‘I struggled to get into medicine first time round because I didn’t play to my strengths when I applied. I ended up going for universities whose selection process highlighted the weaknesses in my application. Second time round, I was much smarter in my choices and got an offer fairly early on. I hope I can use my experiences to give helpful and practice advise to all prospective medical applicants’.


Rebecca is an Academic clinical fellow in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. She undertook a BSc in Clinical Pharmacology and Translational medicine during medical school. Rebecca went on to do an academic foundation programme in medical education and is developing her teaching skills by doing a PG certificate in medical education. She enjoys the variety involved in Academic clinical pharmacology; particularly in developing skills in clinical medicine, education and research. Rebecca is an Ambassador @BecomingaDr


Sophie is a second-year medical student at Cardiff University. In 2017, she graduated from BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences at the University of South Wales before joining Cardiff Medical School on their postgraduate medicine A101 feeder scheme. During her time at university, Sophie founded and was president of the USW Medical Preparation Society aimed at helping fellow peers through clinical workshops and entry exam prep, alongside her work as a course ambassador and student mentor.

Sophie was awarded “Most inspirational Student” for the academic year 2016/2017 and is a candidate for the BMA Cymru Wales’ Sherman Fund Award which encourages wider access to medical studies within Wales. Her medical interests include pathology, physiology and anaesthetics. Sophie is the lead for non-traditional applicants, mentoring and study skill support @becomingadr


Jack recently graduated from Newcastle Medical School. He holds a first class B.A. (Hons) degree in Creative Writing and English literature from De Montfort University and a Diploma in Medical Studies from Durham University.

Jack is currently Digital Content Editor at Sethi Health and involved in a number of projects. He is working on creating innovative resources for clinical medical students and exploring creative ways of learning. Have a look at his article on revising for medical school exams here.  Jack is the Medical Education Lead @becomingadr


Emma is a fourth year medical student at the University of Cambridge. She holds a first class B.A. (Hons) degree after intercalating in  Engineering. She will be starting a PhD in Computer Science at Cambridge, combining her interests in artificial intelligence and Medicine. Throughout her time as a student, she has undertaken research projects, with experience in wet lab and computational projects.

She is passionate about supporting prospective medical students applying to Oxbridge and current medical students to find and develop research projects. Emma is the Oxbridge applications and Research Lead @becomingadr