Becoming a Doctor Diversity Project

This directory aims to be a central catalogue of organisations working on diversifying, decolonising and improving equity in healthcare and medical education. This is for work across all minoritised groups.

We have added some sections, however please be aware the work of many of these groups crossed multiple disciplines.

To add your organisation to our list or request an amendment if yours is listed, please contact the project coordinator Nic (He/Him) at

Organisations focused on providing clinical resources for healthcare professionals 

Organisation Description of organisation (from their website) Social medias and websites
Black & Brown Skin/ Mind the Gap
Mind the gap is a clinical handbook of signs and symptoms in black and brown skin. The aims of the project were to highlight the lack of diversity in medical literature and education.
Brown Skin Matters
Addressing the lack of reference photos of dermatological conditions on skin of colour.
Racism in Healthcare
An account dedicated to posting information and resources about the inequalities and racism that affects the healthcare system on a daily basis.

Organisations working towards health equity/decolonising and diversifying healthcare and medicine

Organisation Description of organisation (from their website) Social medias and websites
British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO)
We are a non-profit organisation open to all healthcare professionals, promoting diversity, equality and inclusion. Since conception in 1996 with the initial aim of supporting international medical graduates, BAPIO has grown in stature and influence to become one of the largest organisations of its type in the country. We are represented through our numerous divisions covering all regions of the UK as well multiple sub forums. We collaborate regularly with the General Medical Council, Health Education England and the Royal Colleges to monitor, highlight and address the difficulties faced by doctors and ensure positive systems are in place to support healthcare workers. We focus on supporting and promoting professional links with the Indian subcontinent (including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal) as well providing charitable relief focusing on providing better health care globally.
BAME Maternity Matters- Birthing With Colour
BAME Birthing With Colour is an initiative highlighting maternity issues facing the BAME communities.
British Somali Medical Association
Uniting British Somali doctors & medical students, tackling the healthcare challenges facing the Somali Community.
Decolonising Contraception
Our team is interdisciplinary from sex educators, doctors, campaigners, journalists, researchers and many others. We are keen to share our ethos and educate others. Please do read our Manifesto and get in touch if you wish to collaborate.
The Association of LGBTQ+ Doctors & Dentists (GLADD)
Our primary aim is to grow a vibrant, welcoming and diverse community, open to anyone who supports the values that we stand for; namely the unification and representation of the LGBTQ+ medical and dental communities in the UK. We run social & networking events in London and through our regional networks around the country. The LGBTQ+ community faces more challenges and barriers to accessing healthcare than the general population, and has poorer health as a result. We have a national voice in LGBTQ+ health activism and education, working with leading figures such as the British Medical Association, General Medical Council, Royal Colleges and Parliament to tackle these important issues.
Glasgow medical Students LGBTQIA+ Society
We are passionate about advocating for LGBTQIA+ pts & health inequalities & a less heteronormative curriculum, & creating a safe space for LGBTQIA+ med students.
Medact’s mission is to support health professionals from all disciplines to work together towards a world in which everyone can truly achieve and exercise their human right to health. We do this through research and evidence-based campaigning for solutions to the social, political and economic conditions which damage health, deepen health inequalities and threaten peace and security.
Race & Health
Discrimination is a fundamental and powerful determinant of health. Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, skin colour, caste, religion, Indigeneity or migratory status affects the health of individuals and communities across the world. Our goal is to reduce the adverse effects of discrimination that leads to poor health. Race & Health is a collective of academics, artists, activists, policy makers, grassroots organisations and individuals. This will be a hub for investigating how racism and discrimination affects health and interventions to improve health. We are creating a catalyst to achieve equitable health for all.
Students for Global Health
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Elliot is a St George’s graduate currently working as an F1 Doctor in East London. As the first in his family to apply to university, Elliot is well aware of the barriers that can be faced in trying to get to medical school. He is passionate about widening access to medicine for underrepresented groups.
 He was the representative for St George’s on the BMA Medical Students Committee, and has done lots of work with local schools and colleges to raise awareness of medicine as a career, as well as working on admissions policies with the widening participation team St George’s. Elliot is part of the @BecomingaDr outreach team and National Health Careers Conference Team.