Introduction To The Paediatrics Portfolio And Careers Project

Hi! My name is Rachel, and I’m a 5th year medical student at the University of Cambridge. I’m co-leading the paediatrics Portfolio & Careers project. I have built up my interest in paediatrics throughout medical school, volunteering with lots of schemes to work with children both in and outside the clinical setting. I absolutely love how varied paediatrics is as a specialty; it really has something for every interest! I have also found paediatric teams to be highly collaborative, something which I would like to be part of in my future career. However, I have encountered lots of confusion and misconceptions about the paediatric training pathway. As a medical student, it can be very hard to find the right information and contacts to help you build your interest in paediatrics. I would like to make this much easier for those interested in the specialty. 

My name’s Ehsaan and I have finally graduated from Imperial, and I’m really excited to start F1 this summer. I also lead the @BecomingaDr Tutorials Project.  All my adult life I’ve loved working with kids, and whether it’s been as a tutor, a nanny, or a mentor, I’ve always tried to find a way to involve children in my work. With children and young people, I have had some of the funniest, heartfelt, or simply unique experiences of my whole life; and I wanted this to continue throughout my whole career. In med school I found that everyone was always talking about getting portfolio points for your CMT/CST/IMT/FBI/CIA applications, but I never really got any guidance on how to build a good paediatric portfolio.

We are really excited to bring you lots of material to help you build an interest in a career in paediatrics, as well as your CV. This includes: 

  • Blogs and podcasts from paediatricians, to give a taster of what it’s like to work in paediatrics 
  • Information on the Paediatric specialty training pathway 
  • Signposting to courses and conferences to help you build your portfolio
  • Ideas for research/quality improvement projects in paediatrics
  • Inspiration for paediatric-themed SSCs and electives 
  • Tips to help you make the most of your paediatrics placement. 

We really hope you find this helpful, whether you are just curious or have your heart set on a career in paediatrics! If you have any questions or ideas, we would love to hear them; please just get in touch ( or 

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Elliot is a St George’s graduate currently working as an F1 Doctor in East London. As the first in his family to apply to university, Elliot is well aware of the barriers that can be faced in trying to get to medical school. He is passionate about widening access to medicine for underrepresented groups.
 He was the representative for St George’s on the BMA Medical Students Committee, and has done lots of work with local schools and colleges to raise awareness of medicine as a career, as well as working on admissions policies with the widening participation team St George’s. Elliot is part of the @BecomingaDr outreach team and National Health Careers Conference Team.