FY1 Doctor Tips: Dealing With Common Bleeps – 21 May

A junior doctor goes through some common situations that FY1s/FIY1s might find themselves managing on the wards. This talk will go through, how to approach these scenarios, what to do and who to call (not ghostbusters!).

We are also delighted to be supported by the British Medical Association (BMA) for this tutorial. The BMA will give a brief overview of how they support you throughout your career, how they can help with your learning and development and how they represent doctors and medical students in the UK. The presentation will cover key issues for new doctors regarding contract and rota checking, employment advice, plus wellbeing services and BMA/BMJ learning resources.

Sign up at: https://www.becomingadr.org/tutorials-current-students-sign-up/

Online Tutorial hosted by @BecomingaDr
When: 21/05/2020, 19:00 GMT+1
Subject: F1 Tips
Topic: How to deal with Common Bleeps
Tutor: Dr. Yathukulan Maheswaran
Recommended Target Group: FiY1 or Starting F1 this August

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Elliot is a St George’s graduate currently working as an F1 Doctor in East London. As the first in his family to apply to university, Elliot is well aware of the barriers that can be faced in trying to get to medical school. He is passionate about widening access to medicine for underrepresented groups.
 He was the representative for St George’s on the BMA Medical Students Committee, and has done lots of work with local schools and colleges to raise awareness of medicine as a career, as well as working on admissions policies with the widening participation team St George’s. Elliot is part of the @BecomingaDr outreach team and National Health Careers Conference Team.