A Things To Do List for Y12 Students – Summer 2017

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 Things To Do List    

Year 12 Students  

  1. Relax – take some time out to detox after those exams! You deserve it!
  2. Do not spend your Summer working 24/7! Remember medical schools look for candidates that maintain a work – life balance🙂
  3. Find out about entrance exams for medical schools – UKCAT and BMAT. If you are applying to a UK Medical School it is more than likely that you will have to sit the UKCAT.  Please see our blog post entitled UKCAT for 2018 entry here.
  4. If you are definitely taking the UKCAT you can find tips on our @BecomingaDr  ‘Preparing for the UKCAT’ section.
  5. The BMAT will be offered twice this year for the first time. There will be a September and November sitting. Are you taking the BMAT? Check out which medical schools need it on our @BecomingaDr blog post entitled BMAT for 2018 entry here.
  6. If you are definitely taking the BMAT you can find tips on our ‘Preparing for the BMAT’ section.
  7. Have you undertaken any work experience placements? There is no set amount mandated, however you should make every effort to find out about a career in Medicine by contacting Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Doctors etc. Need help finding work experience? Check out our Finding Work Experience  section.
  8. Learn how to reflect on your work experience in our dedicated @BecomingaDr blog post ‘Reflecting skills’ here.
  9. Have you been volunteering? Medical Schools desire long term placements. These can be in a care home, hospital ward, operating the tea trolley service, supporting younger students etc. Check out our @BecomingaDr Volunteering blog post here.
  10. Start drafting your personal statement. It is best to work on this over the Summer period where you can reflect on your experiences and build it up over time. A good statement is the product of hard work over a period of time that allows you to reflect on your personal journey. Check out our @BecomingaDr Personal Statement blog post here.



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Elliot is a St George’s graduate currently working as an F1 Doctor in East London. As the first in his family to apply to university, Elliot is well aware of the barriers that can be faced in trying to get to medical school. He is passionate about widening access to medicine for underrepresented groups.
 He was the representative for St George’s on the BMA Medical Students Committee, and has done lots of work with local schools and colleges to raise awareness of medicine as a career, as well as working on admissions policies with the widening participation team St George’s. Elliot is part of the @BecomingaDr outreach team and National Health Careers Conference Team.